Teenage Life Coaching

Corporate and education tailored programs and materials

Team building Retreats

YMI specializes in consulting with educators, youth employers, and families. These consultations include designing and providing youth leadership conferences and camps, school assemblies and district campaigns, employee training seminars and workshops, spouse and youth programs for corporate, association and education conventions, and one-on-one Teenage Life Coaching.

Youth programs for adult corporate, association, and education conventions
To increase family time together children ages ten to eighteen are invited to go with parents to their corporate, association, and education conventions. While the adults attend their conference sessions, the kids will be attending a conference especially for them. The youth program features speeches by the nation's best youth speakers, entertainment, classroom discussions, and recreation. Each youth program participant receives a participant's manual, t-shirt, poster, membership card, and certificate of achievement.

One on one Teenage Life Coaching
YMI works with individual families by assessing their needs, and designing a system that will take families where they want to go. National studies indicate that the majority of parents have serious worries about their children's involvement with drugs, sexual activity, violence, and illiteracy. There is only minor concern about jam packed classes, keeping good teachers, overemphasizing sports, and developing a better curriculum. For this reason, parents must learn three fundamental parenting skills - listen, love, and lead. A Personal Life Coach teaches parents these skills, and together with their teenager they design a Life Course that focuses on family life, school, employment, and social activity. The family as a whole receives on-going help and guidance as they establish daily habits and skills that will enable them to function interdependently.

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